Freitag, 17. März 2017

Tons of STASH

Oh my, it has been ages since I shared my latest stashquisitions with you, so this is a lot! But since the beginning of this year, a lot of things turned up here and I went to a craft fair yesterday (which was exhausting and expensive and a lot of fun!), so I thought I might as well share all the stuff that turned up here and maybe this will remind me of not spending so much money anymore :D

First up are some digital patterns.
I bought another Haed - my first max color design! It's called Birds and Blooms Garden by Aimee Stewart and contains 240 colors, oh my! I love the desing and I saw someone work on it (both the max color and the normal version) and decided that this was a good MC start since the design is not to big (only 725x262 stitches).

Then I went to visit the Golden Kite website and you know - if you buy 3 patterns or more, they give you an additional 30% discount. So I bought 3 patterns on sale!

The first one is called "A morning bouquet"by Alfred Guillou - I seem to have a hang for flowers these days ;-) I love the colors and her face =)

The second one I bought is called "Still life with fruit and champagne" by Helen Searle. I always wanted to do a still life, they are so camling to look at and this one caught my eye. The fruits look so ralistic and I love the shadowing in the twig. The reflection in the champagne glass is amazing and I just love the whole design. This one might actually be on my next GK start list (it will take ages to kit up... and a lot of skeins... it's over 350 000 stitches)
The third one I bought is called "Madeline after prayer" by Daniel Maclise and I just love the detail in this piece!
The next order that turned up here was from Sewandso and it's a bunch of Mill Hill kits. I felt like stitching something spring themed, so I ordered a couple of the Mill Hill eggs that are all beaded (they are so pretty and look like so much fun!)
I could not resist looking at the new collection and there was a Hydrangea kit there and I love Hydrangeas! I think I'll start this one once I am done with the Haed challenge (1000 stitches to go!).It even features a little bee button!
Also from the new collection is this cute little seagull, I had no choice there, it's so adorable =)
This brings us to the last bunch of pictures - my goodies from the craft fair here!
I bought some stitchy stuff there as well.
I got hold of two new Dimensions Gold Petites kits, They are so pretty (they had a couple on display!) and they are smaller so I might be able to finish them :D
This is Beacon at Rocky Point - another lighthouse one. I don't know what it is with me and lighthouses these days... and it has a cute little seagull!
This is Bayside Cottage - I love all those flowers and again, there are seagulls :D
Next up is a Kit from a company called Merejka and the design is called Sunflowers, I never tryed this company, but the finished designs looked great and it was quite cheap and I like the design. It is worked on Aida, but maybe I will exchange this for a linen or an evenweave. But the colors look great =)
The second "new" companyfor me is called Alisa and I bought a small Kit called "Robin" and I think it's adorable =):
I also bought a pattern by a local designer called "Wellenhaar". I think it's very pretty and would look great on handdyed fabric (maybe something that looks like sky).
The last stitchy thing I bought is a Halloween themed Needleminder:
As for the non-stitchy things, I bought two set of jewelry:
I'm sorry, but this is complicated to catch on a picture, these are made of silver and feature garnets:
The second set I bought was just to amazing! They had a lot of jewelry that looks like chocolate and they looked like real chocolate! But I went for the coffee and cake set =)
I also could not resist buying some yarn, but just one! I don't knit so much anymore and have tons of yarn hidden here (not much progress on my socks... gotta get those done! If only I would not love stitching that much...). In real life, it's a nice and dark pink with a fresh green, but it's impossible for me to catch a good picture:
A friend of mine it going to marry this summer and so I picked up this lovely pop up card:
Apart fro that I picked up some smaller things like handymade soap and honey and a little butterfly to decorate my garden, but I did not take pictures of those.

This post was exhausting for me to write and I am sure the load of pictures here is surely exhausting for you to look at :D That's why I rarely do stash posts :D

Anyway, I am back to stitching now!
Happy stitching =)

Mittwoch, 15. März 2017

Gifted Gorgeousness SAL - March

And it's time for the GG SAL again, hosted by our one and only Jo ;-) Take a chance to visit her place and check out what everybody did for this month =)

I am actually on time this month. It's 10:45 pm here on the 15th, haha!
I will make this a short report because I am going to visit a crafts fair tomorrow and need to go to bed soon.

The first Projekt I want to show is my Map of Middle Earth. I added two more columns, so the count went up to 34 000 stitches.
 So I went from here:
To here:
I absoluetely love this one! I want to add at least eight more columns this year, this would put me to 10% complete, lol! =D

The second project I worked on was my Candy Cane Santa, not much, but every stitch counts, right? =)
Last month:
And now:
If I continue to work on this in my current speed, Santa might be done in 2020 :D

My plan was to show some work on my lastest new start called "In the Moonlight", BF totally loves it and it's a "smaller project with only 112 500 stitches (don't laugh, compared to my other projects :D). I wanted to start on Monday, but I had so much work to do, I didn't get to starting it until today and there is not much to see. But I can share a preview and you will see some work on him soon =)
As you can see, I will have some background to start with, but it stitches up nice and quick =)

Happy stitching =)

Dienstag, 7. März 2017

Sheep in the Meadow - FINISHED

So, here we go with my first finish for 2017! =)
This is my Sheep in the Meadow by Country Cottage Needleworks and I totally adore it! I love sheep and think the design is really cute. This was my first pattern by CCN and also my first time stitching with Weeks Dye Works and I enjoyed it. I think the WDW threads are great to stitch with (I am also using them for the Cloudsfactory SAL - on which I am stitching these days and I am about to catch up!) and I can imgine using them for further projects (maybe I will start Death by Cross Stitch after all?).

Anyway, I am taking out Kreimhild tomorrow and for today I will work on Cliffside Beacon a it more (so close to being done with the sky!).

Happy stitching =)

Dienstag, 28. Februar 2017

WIPocalypse - Febuary

Well, it looks like it's that time of the month again! Take a look over at Measis place to see what everybody else did this month =)
I had a small surgery last Friday and I am still recovering from it (taking a lot of pain killers and antibiotics) and so stitching has been a bit chaotic since Friday and I am late for WIPocalypse. I am a few days off (like 2) with my rotation, but plan to be back on track in a week or so.

This months question is about our favorite stitch - up to now I am only doing patterns featuring full or half crosses. Now and then I do a few french knots or some back stitching, but I wouldn't say that I have a favorite speciality stitch or so.

As for this months progress - I have lot's to show because I was so bad at blogging this month.

The first thing I want to show is my new start - which is also my first Golden Kite project!
It's called "Crossing the Stream" and it's huge - 990 by 707 stitches (funny thing, I was about to start this and I was sure it was 770 stitches high, so I panicked because of cause I thought that I had cut the fabric to small - and I didn't have any other fabric big enough... Well, in the end I noticed that the pattern was only 707 high, so I have a nice 3-inch-border left!). I am stitching this on 32ct murano evenweave in platin.
This is what the pattern is going to look like:

And here is what I did so far:

The pages on Golden Kite patterns are smaller than the Haed large format - they are 50x66 stitches (so 3300) and this means the pattern has 220 pages, oh my! But I already stitched most of page one (the end of the feathering is the end of page 1) and I did 3417 stitches. This was really fun and I think it looks great already =)

The second week was again dedicated to Kreimhild, I managed to catch up and got from here:

To here:
I added another 1750 stitches to this and now I will get to stitching some more sky... I'm so happy it's the last page of sky... but at least the sky stitches up quickly ;-) Maybe I'll even be able to finish the page in March =)

Next up in my rotation (and this is where I began to screw it up) was Yule Angel by Anne Stokes. I was so close to finishing the first row of pages, I just couldn't stop! So I added an additional day to my week (I was only some 300 stitches short). So I went from here:

To here - first row is done (4000 stitches added!)
In the next row, we will finally see something of the Angel, I think the top of her wings will be visible on the second page of row 2 =)

Right now I am working on my Map of Middle Earth and change projects again tomorrow. I'm going to take out my Sheep in the Meadow with the intention of finishing it =)

I also continued to stitch on QS Trapped for the Haed challenge - I am 300 stitches behind on this but I think it's not a big problem. I thill have 7 weeks for 2700 stitches. I went from here:
To here:

I am quite close to finishing page one and then I will stitch half of the page below to finish the challenge. I managed to add 2900 stitches since you last saw her.

I can only say that I am more than happy with my progress for February, but maybe I will slow down a bit in March. I didn't work on the Cloudsfactory SAL this month, but I will pick it up this week and try and finish the block for February on it.

Anyway, that's all I have to far and I hope to be back in a few days with a finish on Sheep in the Meadow (and some new stash I bought).

Happy stitching! =)

Donnerstag, 16. Februar 2017

Gifted Gorgeousness SAL - February

This month I am only one day lote for the GG SAL, yay me! If you want to join the ride, take a look over here.

I made progress on two projects this month. The first is Wolf Kiss by Dimensions, I worked on this at the end of January for a few days and I went from here:
To here:
The wolf finally has two ears! I am quite happy with my progress on this one.

I am not happy with my progress on the second project. I picked up Candy Cane Santa only once and went from here:
To here:
I hope to be able to fill in the gap for next month. Things here finally start to look better, my bfs mother is still hospital, but she is on the mend and and we hope that she will come home soon =)

Happy stitching!

Montag, 30. Januar 2017

WIPocalypse - January

And here we go with the next WIPocalypse, hosted by Measi and here is the link to the linkup page. Thanks to my rotation, I have quite a bit to show and I think January worked out really well!

But first I want to answer this months question: What SALs are you participating in this year?
The answer to this is quite short - I am doing the Fabulous Women in History SAL by Cloudsfactory.
The idea of this is really nice, I just hope that there will be a few scientists there, too (like Marie Curie or Mageret Hamilton, I would also love to see Emmy Noether as well, but I don't think she'll turn up).
So far we got Eleanore Roosevelt (in my eyes a very extraordinary women) and Coco Chanel (I'm not really into fashoin and could have done without her, but she's there and it's ok).
Unfortunately I got quite irritated by the little black arrows on the pattern and thought they would indicate the middle of the designs, but they were only for the middle of the block. Anyway, I had to change the position of Coco and Eleanore and I think this should work out now:

I am sorry, but the fabric color is really hard to catch, especially with artificial light in here.

As for monthly SALs, I am joining the gifted gorgeousness SAL hosted by Jo, where I show my work on pieces that were gifted to me or are meant as a gift for someone.  For further information on the SAL or in case you want to join the ride, you can sign up here.

Next step, WIPs!
First up is my new start Whispers by Melanie Delon, I did 4000 stitches (new start enthusiasm I guess):
Doesn't this flower look pretty! I was so close to screwing over my rotation (after week one...) to continue with this, but I forced myself to go on!

Then I spent 5 days working on Kreimhilds Revenge, I did I think like 1300 or 1400, I just hope that these stitches will add up over the months. I am aiming for 2 columns per month (1 560 stitches) and hope to catch up soon. I went from here:
To here:
There actually was quite a lot of confetti there, even if it doesn't look like it. but I think it looks very pretty and I am looking forward to picking her up again in February.

I picked up my Supersized Iris Keeper by Josephine Wall, not a lot of progress, but 1600 stitches is still more than no stitches. I went from here:
To here:

I am at 17 600 stitches in total now, I will do my best to finish the first row (that would be 24 000 in total)!

The nest Haed I worked on is my The Potting Shed by Aimee Stewart. A stunning design, but I am not sure if I ever stitched so much confetti in my life! I love the outcome and I really spent a lot of time on this one, but it just takes a while to stitch up. I went from here:
To here:
When I bought this, I was quite tempted to go for the Max color version, but considering the amount of confetti, I am pretty happy I went for the normal version. There were so many color changes in that small bit of sky there! But this doesn't bury my plans of doing a max color one day (I saw someone work on Aimees Birds and Blossoms in MC and that looked stunning and then that is also one of her "smaller" designs). I managed to add 1400 stitches in the week I worked on this.

Last but not least I have been working on the Haed Challenge, I am doing about 100 stitches a day (at least that's the plan) and since I started a bit late on it, I am at 2000 stitchs now. The section I picked is 7 800 in total, so I have a way to go, but this will also mean that QS Trapped will gain a bunch of stitches. I went from here:
To here:
That funny thing next to her head had some confetti, but I think the outcome looks quite nice. I hope to finish page 1 by the end of february (3200 stitches to go) and then do the half page underneath in march (2600 stitches).

Ok, that's it for this month,
Happy stitching!

Sonntag, 22. Januar 2017

Gifted Gorgeousness SAL January

Well, I didn't decide to drop out of the SAL this year, I am just late. So far, 2017 has not been a pleasant year, everything seems to go wrong these day (after the break i in my bf mothers house AND her accident, our car just broke down when my bf was on his way to the hospital... we just hope that it is something that can be fixed and is not to expensive...) and so I just put blogging off.
I had a little birthday celebration on Friday (I usually don't do birthdays, but from time to time I invite some friends). We had a lovely barbecue and a lot of fun. I didn't get any stitching stuff, but a bunch of books, which is also great since reading is my second biggest hobby right after stitching.

But back to the topic - welcome to another round of the GG SAL, hosted by our one and only Jo. Last year I managed to post every month and I want to do the same this year. I got a lot done in 2016 and hope that 2017 will go along, too.
So far I only worked on my Santa Stocking, the one I am doing for my boyfriend. It's not much, but every stitch counts, right?
I went from here:
To here:
I decided to try a rotation this year and the plan is to stitch on my Stocking each month, just pick it up from time to time and hope that the stitches will add up. I did my best to include a GG SAL project every month, so I will hopefully have more to show then.

Happy stitching!